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BLÜCHER offers a high quality stainless steel roof drainage system suitable for gravity and siphonic drainage using BLÜCHER® Drain Roof rainwater outlets and BLÜCHER® EuroPipe push-fit pipework. The BLÜCHER roof drainage system is simple and quick to install and ensures decades of safe performance with minimal maintenance.

Get the flow capacity right for free
To ensure that your roof drainage system achieves the required flow capacity, BLÜCHER can carry out flow calculations and draw up the best design for the roof drainage system using BLÜCHER® Drain Roof and BLÜCHER® EuroPipe products.

Request a flow calculation for your roof drainage project at roof(at) or contact us.

You may also fill out this form, print it, scan it and send it by e-mail to roof(at) or fax it to +44 1937 832 454. The form collects the basic information we need to provide you with an estimate for your roof drainage project.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to fill out the form which can be downloaded from

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