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BLÜCHER produces more than 2,500 standard items, but sometimes a bespoke solution is required. At BLÜCHER we can manufacture stainless steel drains, drainage channels and push fit drainage pipework fittings to suite your specific needs. Read more about customised solutions.

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HygienicPro® - New

Accessories for HygienicPro®


Floor drains

Shower drains

Lower parts for shower drains

Upper parts for shower drains

Accessories for shower drains

Lower parts MULTI

Mountingset for MULTI

Accessories for MULTI




Shower channel WaterLine
Shower channel WaterLine

Accessories for WaterLine

Industrial drains
Industrial drainsLower parts for industrial drains
Upper parts for industrial drains

Accessories for industrial drains

Rodding eyes & gastight drains
Rodding eyes & gastight drains

Upper parts & accessories for gastight drains

Access covers & outdoor drains

Access covers & outdoor drains

Roof & balcony drains
Roof drainsLower and upper parts & accessories for roof drains
Balcony drains
Marine drains
Marine drains, lower & upper partsAccessories for marine drains
Channels & kitchen channels
ChannelsKitchen channels
Lower parts for channels

Accessories for channels

Pipes & fittings
Straight pipes Fittings
Accessories for pipes and fittings

Pipe cutters and other tools

System 82
Penetrations & jointing unit
Penetrations & jointing unit


The product offering may vary depending on your country of residence.

Roof drains

Stainless steel roof drains for all types of flat roofs with bitumen or single ply roof membrane. Suitable for both gravity and siphonic applications

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