Case: Leicester Royal Infirmary Project - BLÜCHER® EuroPipe

Leicester Royal Infirmary

Traditional vs BLÜCHER® EuroPipe


Traditional vs Innovative

In a bid to save money and lower their carbon footprint, BLÜCHER® EuroPipe has been specified to be first choice by university hospitals of Leicester.

BLÜCHER® EuroPipe was first introduced at Glenfield Hospital back in 2014 and due to the close relationship between the hospitals, it was considered as a sustainable option for Leicester Royal Infirmary in 2016 as well. Part of the existing Victoria building at Leicester Royal infirmary was demolished to make way for the new A&E department. BLÜCHER has supplied EuroPipe in the Balmoral Building to bypass traditional drainage materials used previously.


BLÜCHER® EuroPipe Installation

Our standard pre-cut pipe is available in a range of lengths from 150 mm to 6 m, which can reduce the need for site cutting. Each pipe length incorporates one push-fit connection.  The pipework is one third the weight of lightweight cast iron. Each joint has over 40 mm of metal-to-metal cover and fitted with an EDPM Seal. It can be used above and below ground.


Traditional vs Innovative

The design and size of the existing A&E was deemed totally inadequate to cope with demand for the 21st century hospital, Leicester Royal Infirmary was originally built in 1771 and had just 40 beds. The materials used in Victorian times were mainly cast iron and this has continued until more sustainable materials such as Stainless Steel have presented offering up to 40% labour savings.

Zak Dalby one of the site installers on the project said that BLÜCHER@ EuroPipe was surprisingly easy to install. Cutting the pipe is easy to do with one man, thanks to the custom electric cutting tool supplied from BLÜCHER it also took less men to carry it. Zak commented that when the push fit joints were secured they were going “nowhere” and were further supported via good bracketry.

During a site visit towards the end of the project install, we had the opportunity to speak to Zak Dalby again and he says: “I have air tested the whole system without a single problem and was amazed by the variety of fittings available from BLÜCHER which connected to other services.”

This is always great to hear, positive feedback from our installers, and we are always happy to attend site and demonstrate training on the cutting tool operation. Our technical installation advice is available right to the very end of every project and onto the next.


Project facts

Customer: NHS Leicestershire hospitals Trust

Contractor: HAC Pipe services


Size: 50k

Products:  BLÜCHER® EuroPipe

Construction period: 2016

Location: Leicester Royal Infirmary & Glenfield Hospitals, United Kingdom

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